Frequently Asked Questions

Since when Bespoke Contacts has been operational?
Which techniques are used for data aggregation?
Isn’t sharing the business contacts violating the privacy policy?
Do you provide facility to integrate with CRM systems like ‘Salesforce’, ’MS Dynamics’ or other marketing automation platforms like ‘Marketo’?
How do I get started creating an account?
How do I go about requesting a Free Trial?
What benefits I can expect in moving from “Freedom” edition to “Subscription” edition(s)?
Can I downgrade from one edition to other?
How can I upgrade my edition?
Can I use trial version?
How will I be able to interact with you during tenure of my subscription?
How is pricing calculated?
How can I refresh existing contacts and add new contacts from same set of companies?
Why do I need to submit target audience data when I am trying to submit a project to append/refresh contacts?
Am I charged for contacts replacements? If so, then why?
Why can’t I edit my project brief after submission?
I have brief spanning across multiple regions. How can I submit it as single brief?
What If small subset of data requirement does not fall in project scope region?
I want to upload brief details as an attachment? How can I do it?
I need companies having revenue range from $20M-$30M from agricultural sector and from beverages sector, I need companies having revenue range from $40M-$50M.Can I submit such mix of requirements in a single project brief?
What are unverifiable contacts? And why am I charged for the same?
What if you deliver less than my project requirement? How do I get a refund?
How many countries do you cover?
Is phone verification done using clients name?
What if there is no option to select specific industry which I am looking for?
I need clarity on selecting specific Target Audience Profile(s) as I need to discuss this with my team. How do I get this done?
How do you ensure data validity through single opt in and double opt in techniques?
What if I have pre-defined budget value for my data requirements?
I received an invoice for payment. What is this invoiced amount for?
What features are available in dashboard? How is this different from others?
Terms and Conditions (Freedom & Subscription)
Can I reuse “Contact Data” for third party application?
What guarantee are you assuring for the contact information in terms of accuracy?
What if I have more questions?